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Sangita Patel L.E.,
Licensed and Certified
 Professional Electrologist

Sangita Patel L.E., C.P.E.

Sangita Patel has specialized in permanent hair removal for over 15 years. The secret to her success is the safety, comfort, and confidentiality of her customers. The privacy and sterilization of her work are exemplary and unmatched. She uses Thermolysis, which is a heat-based electrolysis, also known as shortwave method. A thermolyic epilator destroys the hair follicle by injecting each follicle with electric current by using a thin probe. This energy produces localized heat and weakens cells and surrounding tissues to prevent future hair growth. Sangita has used this technique throughout her tenure and understands how to emit the exact amount of radio frequencies needed per follicle to give you your desired result in as less sessions as possible. We know you will love her sweet spirit and hard consistent work.

The Apilus Electrolysis machines has been and remains some of the top permanent hair removal equipment recognized by government regulatory agencies.  Apilus offers pinpoint precision capabilities and optimal settings that deliver the results you seek.

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Certified Professional Electrologist

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Sangita Patel C.P.E.

The Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) credential signifies that an electrologist's knowledge has been tested and measured against a national standard of excellence. The credential is voluntary and requires continuing education to maintain.

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American Electrology Association

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Lisa L. Walker

Hi, I’m Lisa and I want to welcome you to NoMoreHair.com presented by  Scarlet Electrolysis! At SEC, we are dedicated to improving the look and feel of all clients who are passionate about self care.

I am very passionate about the wellbeing and safety of our clients. In order to receive our services, all new clients must receive a free consultation visit before hair removal services are performed. A consultation visit will include a professional overview of the cost of services and how many treatments it may take for your specific needs, before/after pictures along with after care instructions and/or products. We value ourselves on educating our clients on the most effective after care to help promote the permanent hair removal you desire. Call today and schedule a consultation with our Licensed and Certified Electrologist today!

Raven S. Wright, M.D.

Raven S. Wright, M.D.

Dr. Raven S. Wright received her Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Missouri (Go MIZZOU Tigers!) and her Medical Doctorate at The Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University. She will be completing her residency at The University of Chicago’s - Anesthesia & Critical Care Department. Dr. Wright believes that if you look good then you will feel good, and even though she feels most comfortable in the perioperative environment and monitoring patients vital functions during surgery—it is a lifelong goal of hers to enhance the whole body including outward beauty...especially to the disabled. She marvels in the power and resilience of the human body and looks forward to helping our clients reach the full extent of their electrolysis goals.

Lisa L. Walker
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